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Run quickly house car is fervent in booking

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KRYSTAL runs quickly house car configures parameter basically

Long / wide / tall: 6945*1993*2720 Mm
Run quickly engine of pressure boost of turbine of derv V6 3.0L
5 archives are automatic gear-box
Run quickly medicinal powder hot grille and car mark
30Deputy accumulator of 100A of A power source
2.5KW dynamo (take remote control to start pushbutton)
Distribution center (fill n 45 A)
Spare wheel of aluminium alloy hub (stainless steel hub)
Motile exceeds low surround greatly
Air conditioning of high-power forge high-power
Power source electrical outlet 80 W transformer
45L mailbox (US-made)
98Cistern of rubbish of 53 L of box of sewage of L cistern 129 L
Dynamoelectric heat rearview mirror
Electric motor-car carries vent on the head
Hind gasbag is pensile
Steering wheel (blue tooth phone, decide fast cruise, radio to control)

Hind cabin
Sunshade canopy
Dynamoelectric the ladder that record a vehicle
/ of advanced skin ceiling
Inside cabin of cherry wood car
Dynamoelectric sofa
TV antenna (take signal amplifier)
Constant temperature air conditioning
19 inches of TV
Advanced surround stereo
Advanced boss chair
Microwave oven
Copy manage stone is decorated
Closet (take scuttle)
Table of kitchen of copy manage stone
Two cooking range

Keruisi's car sells limited company to contact means:

Address: Cracking  lax shows sign of?61 of  of  of  care 

Contact: Mei Tao Eminent of hard gold of Luo Kai Zhao

Phone: (086)0411-86509022

Free telephone call: 800-890-9716

Fax: (086)0411-86523289

Firm network address: Http://www.krystal-cn.com

The email: KRystalcn@163.com

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