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Tian Kaosi of abundant of edition of 08 middle east is special 30 derv normalizi

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Tian Kaosi of abundant of edition of 08 middle east is special 4.2 30 derv quantities

08 abundant Tian Kaosi is special atIn Feburary 2008Leave factory formally, it is the earliest land Chinese market and accord with China big in what the city discharges a standard is luxurious in cling to. This car has royal class color (go up to fall in vain for ivory for Brown) . Compared with 07, 08 abundant Tian Kaosi is special motive force is more powerful, and horsepower full. Although abundant Tian Kaosi is peculiar wide automobile body, larger loading capacity, but be in aiding what force gets lost and meeting thing upper part of the body goes to footplate of hydraulic pressure clutch, apply the brake is relaxed only with freely, no matter be place tune, still be in travel, abundant Tian Kaosi is special always follow sb's advice. In addition this car still has advanced air conditioning, dynamical steering wheel, advance gradually type is indoor lamplight, glass of illicit close sex.

This car is my company earnest commitment to assemble entrance car formerly without any changing one's costume or dress (if need,change his costume or dress to still can add steering wheel of wood of aerospace door, freezer, peach, TV on the foundation of original configuration, back a car monitor, carpet, compositive desk, DVD, 360 degrees rotate.
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