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Tian Kaosi of abundant of edition of 08 middle east is special 30 benzine be in

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Abundant of 08 edition of new fund middle east Tian Kaosi is special 4 crocks of 30 benzine 2.7 platoon quantities

Aerospace door, the hand uses transmission case, pu Linsi connects tire, hub lid, differ after fast: 6.142, lock up device quickly, forehead disk brake, electronic clock, aid force to change direction, velvet seat, hind window demist implement, windscreen takes green sunshade before, side window of brunet and slip type, the rain after intermittent type is brushed, exterior rearview mirror, dermal sunshade is blocked (driver's seat) , standard microphone, microphone amplifier, exalted brake lamp, curtain, enchase the headlight before type, hind back a car lens, the damping before double wishbone, air filters siren, can drive circularly seat, hind heater (the hand moves) , forehead heater (the hand is moved) 120W, blanket of inland of vinyl material qualitative car, hind seat of 4 tall backs, drive deputy drive to carry seat deputy seat on the back high, safety belt of seat of in front of, type is hind at 2 o'clock seat safety belt, baggage door, in-house rearview mirror, up door of open type baggage, color of double lubricious automobile body, hind armor plate piece type is pensile, white-hot and indoor lamp, the bumper after the standard, 4 loudhailer

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