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Global head sends Kaileidejia to grow 72 embark upon a political venture

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  1. The United States of lengthen automobile factory with the greatest whole world " KRYSTAL " big China area always acts as agent of Keruisi (Dalian) the car sells limited company, carry the Lincoln below the banner, bold horse, all sorts of lengthen car departments such as Kaileide appear on Beijing car to exhibit with luxurious battle array. Among them the most conspicuous for " KRYSTAL " SUV of a when make for Chinese market only high-grade business affairs, Kaileide 72.

    Kaileide 72 it is the United States " KRYSTAL " SUV of a when the factory makes for Chinese market only high-grade business affairs, its occurrence changed the way that business affairs car develops, will take market of car of guest of ceremony of business affairs of collar height archives quickly in order to break up cabin for lengthen car of the representing.

    This car deploys V8 6.2 of former plant of triumphant thunder heart to discharge quantity engine, dynamical performance is superior. Truckload norms is 6973mm*2007mm*1887mm, oil of 100 kilometers bad news is average 16 litres. Interior deserves to have sound of TV of 3 liquid crystal, DVD system of system, double air conditioning, all over the sky astral lamp is acted the role of, stage of rainbow colored lantern, high-grade bar, dermal seat, double dynamo, let you experience unprecedented costly.

    "The factory is before your door " the essence of the brand that a common and genuine word spoke Keruisi. Let you can enjoy the optimal service of American former plant in an alien land.

    Advisory phone: 800-890-9716


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