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Confuse your CooperS and S Clubman to appear on the market in China

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On September 4, after rolling out MINI Cooper and model of MINI Cooper Clubman successfully, BMW China introduces the Cooper S of top class model of MINI chinese mainland market. Today, MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Clubman sleeve in Shanghai couplet come on stage, make MINI brand range of products more rich. The price of two models is a RMB respectively 385, 000 yuan with 410, 000 yuan.   

As MINI familial in the member that has athletic character most, model of two Cooper S all equiped to contain double eddy to run 4 crocks of engine of technology of straight in season of turbine pressure boost and gasoline, the platoon is measured 1, 598 milliliter, in 5, 128 kilowatt can generate when 500 rotation per minute / the striking motive force of 175 horsepower. In 1, 600 rotation per minute can achieve the peak value torque of 240 Newton rice when the bell, and start exceed pressure boost (Overboost) when the function, torque can achieve 260 Newton rice more. So extraordinary power is OK drive MINI Cooper S finishs 0-100 kilometer in 7.3 seconds time / the hour is quickened, top speed achieves 220 kilometers / hour; To MINI Cooper S Clubman, 0-100 kilometer / the hour quickens time to need 7.8 seconds only, top speed 219 kilometers / hour.

Two models all equip 6 fast automatic gear-box, block a setting and engine function perfect match, offer the shift gears with smooth and accurate essence to experience. After the person that drive still can use steering wheel batch piece undertake shift gears, as driving F1 racing car is average.

Natural disposition is quick

MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Clubman drive the Ka Ding car with MINI characteristic brand experience expression to arrive acme. Compared with the Cooper model that already had athletic color, the batholith of Cooper S and suspension are more hale, provide more use the character of feeling, and be when adjacent and absolute limit still can hold solid and reliable safe reserve. No matter be,is extraordinary show in winding road or flat freeway. In addition, EPAS is dynamoelectric aid force to turn to a system to was the person that drive to offer about the road besides the accurate feedback with current transport condition, have the aid of aids force function according to what speed adjusts, turning to a system is direct from beginning to end and rich campaign style.

All-around security MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Clubman satisfy extremely high demand in security aspect. The suspension that is characteristic with athletic style got the support of efficient and powerful brake system, all included this braking system to prevent adopt dead control (ABS) , the electron makes dynamical dispatching system (EBD) , tortuous path apply the brake is controlled (CBC) and take ramp to start additional dynamic stability is controlled (DSC) wait for a standard to equip, the additional security that ensured emergency falls.

At the same time two models still have unusually outstanding passive security: 6 more solid safe gasbag that equip by cabin, standard, all seat all matchs some seat of type safety belt, in front of took safety belt at 3 o'clock constrictive device and safety belt are restricted force implement, seat secures the ISOFIX children that the standard on safety belt siren and back row seat equips the system is opposite drive. Two models all equip tire of explosion proof of collocation of 17 inches of wheels. Among them MINI Cooper S reviews object lesson in European new car obtain in the test highest the achievement of 5 stars.
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