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The Taiwanese is really rich! First M-DCT edition BMW M3 sells light

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The 4th generation is brand-new BMW M3 appears on the market at be in Taiwan area formally in November 2007, and transmit efficiency for power of farther aggrandizement engine, BMW head opens precedent land at brand-new BMW M3 runs this on house car, use M-DCT 7 fast system of gearshift of platoon of dual clutch hand, this comes from at field of F1 racing bicycle, and the success of science and technology that achieves gear-box perfection with utmost, let only on consist in circuit drive fun and athletics function, produce property in the quantity from now on appear on racing bike!

Taiwan of this BMW M3 appears on the market from the 2nd season since, first former plant limitation already all sold one sky nearly 20 times, the area always acts as agent actively and former plant are striven for, increase 10 quota again, the contest that confuses in order to satisfy Taiwan car fast longing!

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