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Racing bike of sail of beautiful 207CC open China appeared on the market formall

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Suffer the beautiful 207CC that fix eyes upon to will put China on the market in the round on September 6, 2008 fully. At the appointed time, new car will replace the racing bike of existing 206CC open sail on the market. It is beautiful that beautiful 207CC fold carries open sail racing bike on the head forcedly 207 familial medium newest member. Look from fixed position, with the 207 cars that are small-sized car department summary prep above shows homebred already 206 set. 207CC is come from beautiful the car of 207 E-pure concept that rolls out in the past, and whole continued on design train of thought beautiful the 206 gimmick to 206CC transition. After racing bike of 207CC open sail appears on the market, predict price is met the 206CC with summary original prep above, but integral interval keeps basically changeless.

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