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Run quickly China of car of edition of motion of E280 individual character appea

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Beijing runs quickly - the fashionable motion new fashion that the situation of Olympic Games of the have the aid of that wear a gram brings China, roll out edition of set limit to formally homebred Meisaidesi - run quickly car of edition of motion of E 280 individual character, price 638 thousand yuan. The outputs power and 300 oxen rice the biggest torque of 170 kilowatt, cong Jing stops to arrive quickly 100 kilometers / the hour needs 7.3 seconds only, and 250 kilometers / the highest speed per hour of the hour: This is homebred Meisaidesi - run quickly place of edition of motion of E 280 individual character brings extremely fast glamour. Not only such, hub of aluminium alloy of type of 18 inches of of AMG style 10 double rib, before cooperating 40 hind of 35 low compressed than racing bike tire, plus undercarriage of buildup Buddhist templeput on the brakes and clamp of apply the brake, edition of motion of E 280 individual character has doughty peripheral vision wallop not merely, be in likewise extremely fast the powerful drill that catchs soil fertility, delicacy is offerred to accuse to be controlled with seasonable and efficient apply the brake in running. Car of edition of motion of individual character of E 280 of set limit to is in-house, interior trim of personalized black derma and wood of sparrow eye maple are acted the role of, aluminium alloy of steering wheel of cycle racing function shifts gear batch piece, footplate of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of stainless steel brake, accelerator, foot, and all without exception of seat of motion of style of racing bike of in front of brings the person that drive the most intense drive impulse and top-ranking drill accuse to experience.

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