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Ford announces Lincoln MKT formally today

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Since this concept car exhibit from the Detroit car January since beginning, we are awaiting this all the time (Lincoln MKT) official capacity is produced announce, according to the message of Automotive News and Wall Street Journal, this came eventually today certainly. This is based on (Ford Flex) Crossover will bring to Lincoln 7 CUV are mixed with antagonism Acura MDX Ao Di's Q7, still bring the model with an oily lower cost to the user at the same time. The quantity produces the MKT of edition to will not share any automobile body parts of Flex, but mechanical and tectonic respect will exceeding likeness. MKT will roll out two engine, it is 3.5L V6 and the 3.7L engine that come from MKS car respectively. MKT still will roll out biology fuel engine in right time, but Ford has not announced specific time at present. Ford plans to make 25000 MKT every year, formal production will begin from next year.

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