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M-Benz SL-Class adopy the honorable legend of half century

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The birth of small SL-Class changing a money, the glorious tradition that representing Mercedes-Benz to make legend racing bike will last outspread! This whole world is most successful, also most the open sail racing bike of honour flourish, will with brand-new design and outstanding property performance, again the heart that capture wins global car to confuse. As a result of brand-new straight effect turns to a system (Direct-Steer System) use, SL former some is outstanding hold accused a gender to get more perfect evolution, some this comfortable sexes and security also obtain advanced racing bike promotion. SL-Class is having glorious historical inheritance, the can of racing bike of type of 300SL Europe ala that was born 1954 says is first ancestor of this car department, generation SL came out 1957; This, small the SL that changes a money also is to taking this the portion is honorable and unripe. As associate with every generation car is fastened, small SL changing a money is having likewise without but the good blood relationship of compare, no matter be whole balanced feeling, property performance, security is comfortable even quality, in the car that be the same as class nobody can give its right. And can ensure afore-mentioned product quality, showing Mercedes-Benz to get the leader part that acts inside the country in design and manufacturing racing bike undoubtedly; At this late hour, the factory had produced the Stuttgart that is located in Germany to exceed 630, 000 SL, it is the open sail racing bike with most successful whole world not only, it is other car plant more group an imitated example.

SL350 carries the engine of V6 racing bike that Mercedes-Benz engineer new development completes, reform through accurate project make its more energetic, essence promotes his high speed reaction, the person that the instant of trample accelerator drives can be clear about namely experience. Its are highest rotate speed can amount to 7200rpm, compare with the photograph of engine of 3.5 litres of V6 before, the greatest horse power promotes 16 % and achieve 316hp, the biggest twist increase 10Nm and achieve 360Nm, the SL350 that 0 ~ 100km/h compares the past quickly progresses 0.4 seconds and shorten for 6.2 seconds. Not only dynamical output increases, oily bad news also is reduced further, got comparing previous generation SL350 in NEDC movement test more the result that save oil; 100 kilometers can reduce every travel of small SL350 changing a money the bad news oil of 0.4 liter is measured, 9.9 liter / the expression of oily bad news of 100 kilometers is the person that this class is apart from the outstanding in car section already.

SL500 amounts to 388hp to carry the engine of 5.5 litres of V8, greatest horse power; The effort that does obeisance to former plant engineer is granted, the expression of oily bad news of racing bike of this great horse power also won promotion, relatively at section of previous generation car, 100 kilometers can save every travel at most the bad news oil of 0.4 liter is measured. The property performance of SL63 AMG is more doughty, use nature of 6.3 liter V8 to take system of gearshift of fast racing bike of gas engine, AMG Speedshift MCT 7, can output the 525hp that absorbs a person the greatest horse power and 630Nm are the biggest torsional, peremptory become open sail to surpass the leader that run.
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