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ECLIPSE of 3 water chestnut is about to import Chinese sale

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Before long hind the 4th acting product that what be about to enter Chinese market first is ECLIPSE, the Nuo in Yi of out North America depends on a factory. Domestic car confuses suffering to wait old, eventually can bring into contact with of close quarters ground this long dazzle cruel racing bike of Wen Jiming. ECLIPSE laded engine of MIVEC of 2.4 efficient litres of 4 crocks of 16 valve, most high-power is 121kw/6, 000rpm, 220N-rm/4 of the biggest torque, 000rpm. Transmission system used INVECS-II of 4 fast motion to get used to changeover to control a system oneself, classical collocation makes dynamical output in a steady stream constant, add the drill with superior performance to control function, let driving ECLIPSE move about freely and quickly is peremptory make a joy. Enjoy what ECLIPSE brings easily of the job to be full of the speed passion that motion feels, car life becomes more fun is dye-in-the-wood.
Interior trim respect, ECLIPSE used seat of the bucket that motion feels stronger dermal motion, have good side to prop up with wrap up sex, gao Ting's back of a chair and headrest are unifinication design. Palm the red, carbon black, interior trim personality that with gray 3 kinds of color match is distinct, qualitative move is sharp, asing if is measure a body for fashionable tide to have something made to order only. In addition, system of sound of xenon gas headlight, 6CD/MP3 Rockford 9 loudhailer (dazzle is moved edition) , decide fast cruise system, full automatic air conditioning and remote control key, double vent-pipe, large empennage, hind circle of 18 inches of fog lamp, alloy annulus, report heats looking glass of door of seat, dynamoelectric fold waits configuration a moment. Besides fashionable appearance and powerful motive force, ECLIPSE also is done on security sufficient homework. Whole vehicle is all mark matched ABS, EBD and 6 gasbag to protect passenger of in front of, the gasbag before including, side gasbag and shade type gasbag. Front seat safety belt tightens a function to make safety belt can develop a first-rate to protect action jointly with gasbag beforehand.

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