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Day of east wind of settle of X-TRAIL of car of strategy of layout SUV market is

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East wind day is produced announced external a few days ago, the day of fashionable whole world produces urban SUV -- X-TRAIL will at year immanent home appears on the market in the round. Current, east wind day is produced had supplied in production, component, the link such as the sale undertook be adjustmented considerably, be strange fine horse guide had made preparation ahead of schedule. Day produces the east wind with market good first half of the year this year performance to also hope to be able to enter strange fine horse through guiding, march in the round SUV market, perfect the product line of oneself.

At the X-TRAIL that came out 2000, it is day of classical city SUV that produces to be famous in the whole world, ever obtained Europe 3 years continuously " AUTO EXPRESS BEST RECREATIONAL 4X4 " special honour, in the whole world sale of 167 countries accumulative total exceeds 5 continent 800 thousand. In Japanese mainland, after appear on the market, its sales volume is holding the absolutely and lead position of market of this one fractionize all the time.

The brilliant legend of X-TRAIL, never had interrupted after its appear on the market, in the whole world many sales market has large award behead to obtain, include Japan " award of SUV of best show of RJC Car Of The Year 2008 " , of Germany " German Four-way Softroader Shootout " , of Mexico " Mexico Best Product In Public Image " wait. 8 years, x-TRAIL regards SUV as international of classical style blown away by wind, become one of SUV with best-selling whole world.

The lofty spirit of a nation that technical day produces is reflected in what incisively and vividly gets again on X-TRAIL. Drive system respect, this car used brand-new intelligent whole pattern 4 drive system, the driver can choose two drive, AUTO or LOCK mode to answer all sorts of ways along with the heart besides, include to start uphill delay of support system, brow falls apply the brake of system of control system, crab instant control, electron needs the device such as fast lock VDC, the person that can let drive more installs a person's mind easily to undertake outdoors travel. This one mature to drive fun and the equipment that cross-country function photograph combines make the technical social status of strange fine horse steep not only litre, also be the same as class adversary more than far.

Transmission used day to produce the system of Xtronic-CVT infinitely variable speeds that has type of representative the movable mould that take a hand. Xtronic-CVT infinitely variable speeds implement it is one of transmission with the at present most advanced technology on the world, had applied at east wind day to produce the model such as guest of new sounds of nature, Xuan Yi, Xiao at present, the contented city with its good ride comfort and fuel very good economic performance the travel demand of road condition, and join type of hand movable mould to be outdoors drive added more pleasure.

X-TRAIL is taken not only capacious and comfortable, the human nature that still has high quality feeling changes interior design, exceed big skylight, back row to give cup of blast tuyere, changes in temperature to hold in the palm like what Yuan Chao is the same as class reach multinomial advantage store object space. And its exceed big and agile and changeful baggage space, make new generation strange fine horse can satisfy an user to differ to outdoor from the city need.
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