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The masses will maintain network independence severally with the nimble when pro

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Before before long, xi'an defends move to a better place or have a promotion of Shi Jie center. The reporter borrows aircraft is current " limelight is the strongest " the nimble when a few words that keep Shi Jie interviewed those who show up to protect (China) gentleman of admire of Bai Han of president of car sale limited company.

New November 911 land China

From the nimble when protecting with the communication of gentleman of Bai Han admire newest product begins. To " new generation 911 China will be entered in November this year " this one topic, gentleman of cypress contain admire emphasizes saying, this newest product transhipment of through cargo not less than block 7 times new fund PorscheDoppelkupplung (PDK) defend transmission case of Shi Jie dual clutch, in bring more convenient, quick shift gears function besides, cooperate technology of fuel straight gush to bring very good fuel economy, "Although the platoon quantity of 911 new cars is in 3.0L above, but the oily bad news of 100 kilometers however under 10L.

Carry out because of what new consumption tax leads, the price of new car still is in research. The price of new car still is in research..

Before paragraph time has a news very fetching attention, "The nimble when protecting borrows platform of Ao Di Q5 to produce compact model SUV, be similar to the platform between way fighting spirit and card banquet to share. " the authenticity that Dan Baihan admire denied this information, he says, the company still won't is opposite at present compact model SUV market has an action.

Together the masses reduces product cost

Besides to protecting Shi Jie outside the attention of the product, the problem that consumer cares most, the nimble when wanting number to protect and masses " allied " hind what can produce to affect to product and network. Gentleman of cypress contain admire tells a reporter, both " allied " hind want to the influence of the product far the influence that is more than pair of networks. "The masses still is the masses, protect Shi Jie or protect Shi Jie, both network will maintain existing independence. This can see from the framework of the company, the nimble when the Europe that holds water technically is protected accuses a limited company hold the share of the nimble when protecting of 100% , masses share of 31% . " he says, collaboration will make there is progress on both technology, cost is reduced.

The nimble when protecting has owned center of 20 nimble when protecting in home at present, to this year the end of the year will increase 25, and center of the nimble when be being protected to what we will have 40 or so the end of next year " . Although sold network target to have,adjust, china of the nimble when protecting still has hope very much to maintaining Shi Jie's sales volume. The nimble when limelight is being protected strongly had been finished in July before New Year today last year the task of annual.

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