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Ben Junming of bridge of bell wood China: of stop up of of of ⑼ of of defic

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Although pressure is heavy, bell wood still hopes to drive 3 nets syncretic

"Although difficulty is very much, but we still have hope to Chinese market. " patting " daily of the first finance and economics " the reporter's shoulder, bell wood (China) investment limited company (next weighing " bell wood car " ) Ben Junming of general manager bridge is laughing to say.

Nevertheless, face the sale report of malformation of wood of prosperous river bell and outstanding achievement, although outstanding achievement of Chang'an bell wood is pretty good, the advantage with the glaring double star that Mu Zaihua hopes develops the bell not adequately.

"We were not affected, it is changeover of aviation group interior only. Our both sides will still strengthen the car business of wood of prosperous river bell. " on September 9, bridge Ben Junming expresses, "We still are driving bell wood to import bell of car, Chang'an energetically at the same time wood and tripartite of wood of prosperous river bell and the net sells the work.

Weigh wood of Zhen Changhe bell

January 2008, mu Xiuxuan cloth strengthens bell of chairman of bell wood car Chinese car business, plan 2008~2010 year grading achieves year of 500 thousand yield. 2007, entrance bell wood and two sales volume that joint-stock company is in China are two hundred and ninety-three thousand eight hundred about. Because of the change of partner of wood of prosperous river bell, the growing sex of business of China of bell wood car was hit interrogation.

Bridge Ben Junming discloses at the same time, abstruse develop won't exit Chinese market, bell wood car is in Japan most the miniature car of expert and autocycle did not abandon, one organic meeting will march in a large-scale Chinese market. Nevertheless, weigh wood of Zhen Changhe bell, generation to be versed in Feiyate, big thrust enters miniature car and autocycle, bell wood car chose the path with a hand-in-hand multi-line.

The deficit of wood of prosperous river bell is joint-stock car comparative in production enterprise scarce. According to *ST Chang He half an year signed up for 2008, the company continues to appear first half of the year deficit, net profit is deficit 147 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 1.72 % , every accrual - 0.36 yuan. Already consecutive loss counts wood of prosperous river bell year.

2006, deficit of wood of prosperous river bell 292 million yuan. This one word magnified quickly 2007. Annals of prosperous river car said 2007, wood of prosperous river bell this period net profit is - 768 million yuan.

Bell wood car is in another joint-stock company of Chinese to develop momentum good. 2008 first half of the year, chang'an bell wood produces a car 76381, grow 55.1% compared to the same period; Sell a car 73726, grow 44% compared to the same period. Chang'an bell wood achieved sales revenue 2007 5.69 billion yuan, profit of the net after duty 120 million yuan.
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