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Agitation of scare buying of the old car that discharge an amount is bought luxu

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Face offset is moved on fee tax " give aid to small platoon is measured, control big amount " policy original intention, shanghai is luxurious market of the old car that discharge an amount is quite hot still. Yesterday is consumption tax carries out first days. The reporter visits on Shanghai many big platoon to measure luxurious car dealer, run quickly, the big volume model of the brand such as benefit of BMW, Masaladi, guest shows a car to sell basically, partial car business already raised car price considerably.

Because of " consumption tax " the market that publishs the sales volume that advances ahead of schedule to do not have diluent second half of the year anticipates, numerous much big platoon measures a vehicle " vermicelli made from bean starch " the car price that was not held high is frightened retreat. Once sell business to express to the reporter, second half of the year, the old car that discharge an amount rises in price generally for certain, buying go up not to buy dropping psychological action, it is better that the market is met probably.

The old car that discharge an amount is serious " out of stock "

Yesterday, by already began to declare at customs according to tax rate of new consumption tax with the car, but go up into buccal car market in Shanghai, the old car that discharge an amount still is in serious " out of stock " condition. "After consumption tax new policy is announced, inside brief a week, our old car that discharge an amount sells light completely. " yesterday, ma Sa pulls agency of the base of a fruit to disclose to the reporter, august, masaladi has 6 to show a car so in the exhibition hall, hear of consumption tax to be about to go up tone, this batch shows a car to be in a few days inside by client scare buying one sky. The sales volume of a week after consumption tax comes on stage almost with the lunar sales volume of the corresponding period kept balance last year. Major client orders a car immediately pick up the goods. Encounter similar case still have run quickly, the dealer of the old car that discharge an amount such as BMW, shanghai Dong Changlei business personnel of Kesasi discloses to the reporter, inside the time with much a week, cost price 1.048 million yuan, the Leikesasi of the 4.6L that discharge an amount LS460 and cost price 1.598 million yuan, LS mixture motor vehicle already sold the Leikesasi of the 5.0L that discharge an amount, consumer basically wants to be driven before the manufacturer moves price to buy a car.

Still have car of one part is large quantity now although rose in price, but specific extent is not affirmatory however. "Everybody does not wish to announce new price above all, everybody is in wait-and-see, be helpful for the directive price of the sale in order to decide. " yesterday, on Shanghai one agency discloses to the reporter, the attune on car price is inevitable, the extent that raise price is made an appointment with 20% , but particular value waits a moment even.
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