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City of car of Olympic Games times forecasts after: Busy season changes sale dec

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In September, October is sales volume of city of the car on traditional sense stops drop time firm " busy season " . Because car city just is experienced all the more of cold and cheerless off-season, added the Olympic Games to divert the attention of consumer, make industry right this year " Jin Jiuyin 10 " value all the more. Each old car manufacturer also be eager for doing sth, exert all sorts of sale shifts, strive for this paragraph of period after the Olympic Games to hit " turn over battle " .

But, can the domestic car city that already showed exhausted state be after the Olympic Games " strong rebound " ? Coming " Jin Jiuyin 10 " can you rescue car city at extreme misery? Hind the car city of Olympic Games times what course to follow?

Consumptive level maintains busy season prices hard

Sell besides the car city of the end of the year " blowout " period outside, annual in September, October basically is car city most the period that flourishing spends. So, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " be a year in car manufacturer finishs annual " run quantity " the crucial period of time of the target. But in look at present, the consumptive level of car city had produced very big change this year, be afraid prop up hard 9, busy season prices of two months 10. Above all, invest the market go weak to make the yield of partial consumer greatly shrink, this will naturally affect their plan that buy a car. Next, also be a bit important more special, the whirlwind of price of near future fuel rises make car advocate the cost that use a car rises somewhat, this makes certain the customer that is about to buy a car originally flinchs. Additional, when city of early days car is off-season certain businessman because capital catenary is nervous, will favourable extent magnifies further, the purchasing power that this accumulates before also was used up on certain level, after making " busy season " sale " aftereffect " decrease greatly.

A variety of reasons let above " Jin Jiuyin 10 " car city cheated a shadow, can foreknow, domestic car city this year 9, of prices of two months of 10 busy season " rebound " strength will lose than in former years a lot of.

Cost reason makes car city bad old practices die hard

According to the experience of in former years, car city is in off-season when slow-moving not terrible, the businessman should be in only 9, increase sales promotion strength two months 10 to be able to make sales volume rises apparently; But this situation may return very hard this year.

Above all, also be the raw material price that the mainest reason is a delegate with rolled steel namely, from last year second half of the year begins to be climbed ceaselessly litre. Look at present, rolled steel, plastic wait for the place building a car such as petroleum products, balata the price of necessary raw material has risen historical perch, this makes each domestic cars manufacturer gets unprecedented cost pressure. Below this kind of circumstance, already fell originally low the danger that car price depreciates to make certain car business faces loss likely considerably again.
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