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Spending is low fan entrance car annulus was amounted to than gliding in July 14

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Annulus of forehead of exit of car of China of the corresponding period compares growth 8.88%

Chinese car consumes demand depression to spread to entrance car market eventually. Yesterday, come from data of statistic of imports and exports of merchandise of countrywide custom car to show, july, import volume and amount annulus compare the car to glide considerably, the entrance measures annulus comparing to fall a more than two digit. As contrary as this, market of Chinese car overseas still maintains fast growth, exit amount annulus is made an appointment with than growing 8% .

Statistical data shows, in July, chinese car imports the market relatively low in June fan, import a car in all thirty-five thousand two hundred, annulus comparing drops 14.50% ; Entrance amount 1.384 billion dollar, annulus comparing drops 7.30% .

With import volume was compared in June, the breed of 3 big main entrances such as car, cross-country car and small-sized passenger car presents the fall of different level, among them the car imports 11176 in all, annulus comparing drops 27.95% ; Cross-country car imports 20432, annulus comparing drops 4.90% ; Small-sized passenger car imports 1778, annulus comparing drops 25.89% . In July, car, cross-country car and small-sized passenger car import thirty-three thousand four hundred in all, 94.89% what occupy a car to import gross.

"Fall the biggest for the car, this makes clear average consumer buy ability to be affected directly. " analyst of automobile of the negotiable securities that bring a letter grandson Mu Zi points out, "Although discharge generous,cross-country car sales volume falls the smallest, but if domestic oil price and consumption tax are adjusted, market of this one fractionize is pounded possibly also. Market of this one fractionize is pounded possibly also..

When Chinese car consumes slow down in demand, overseas market is spent to Chinese car favour do not decrease. In July, chinese car exports amount 4.778 billion dollar, annulus comparing grows 8.88% , grow 33.01% compared to the same period, 61.94% what hold total of car merchandise imports and exports.

Association of Chinese auto industry thinks, in last few years, as our country truckload with component production level rises ceaselessly, car production company is added ceaselessly strength is extended outside the sea, chinese car export increases impetus house not to fall high, and truckload apparent prep above imports exit amplitude.

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