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Global car city should plan to move a huge sum of money to government of United

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Each sale data of big firm produced heat August, in front of case of a few months is similar, still be " fall " be more than " litre " . Manufacturer respect, feng Tian moves produce and sale of small whole world to plan, general lending hundred years celebration big reduction sale, detroit 3 tycoons all the time body defect haze; And market respect, north America market all the way mad have diarrhoea, germany is new in August car sales volume drops nearly 10% , and Spain August car sale was to drop more 41.3% , achieve the biggest this year only month to drop... global car city was immersed in trough period, what to take to check glide posture?

Old brand market

North America: Lian Fengtian's sales volume also is steeping fall

In light of the data that masters at present from the reporter, american car city still is most one of markets that allow poll to ache.

American Autochannel website announced each market performance that big firm was in the United States August in succession recently, look from data, the group of 3 old cars of American mainland still appears declining tendency: Although general motors is comfortable meet hundred years celebration, increased the strength of sales promotion act, but sale still dropped August 20% . Additional, ford car sale drops 26.5% , kelaisile sale drops 34% .

Data makes clear, car and light-duty lorry sale were general motors August 307285, under get on 385529 of year of the corresponding period. Car sale drops that month 14% , reach 124441. And general motors predicts output of car of the fourth quarter is 875000, relatively on year the corresponding period drops about 16% , among them car output 436000. Nevertheless, because clear the act of inventory, general crop of the 3rd quarter anticipates increase somewhat, but the personage inside course of study thinks, this can not prevent second half of the year the trend that this company sales volume glides.

Ford car is light-duty August car sale 155117; Lorry and van sale drop 39% , reach 54565; Motile multipurpose car sale drops 53% ; Sale of F series lorry drops 42% . Future, ford car expects yield of second half of the year reduce 50 thousand.

Kelaisile American sales volume was the car in August 110235, drop compared to the same period 34% , among them, lorry sale drops that month 33% , car sale drops 39% . Inventory relatively on year the corresponding period decreases 15% . Nevertheless, with compared this year in July, sales volume increased Kelaisile in August 12% .

Besides Detroit 3 tycoons, other firm also nots allow in the situation of North America hopeful. Had ascended the Feng Tian of manufacturer of the biggest car announced body whole world a few days ago sales volume of car of its United States glided August 9.4% , drop by 233771 211533, and this basically is be put into trouble the small truck at this brand, dropped compared to the same period 16.4% . In the meantime, abundant cropland car also announces to will reduce goal of sales volume of next year whole world in the round, reduce by 10.4 million reach 9.7 million.
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