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Produce danger danger of car of serious low discount may make loss first half of

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Because loss of market of countrywide belongings danger is severe first half of the year this year, the China end August keeps watch appoint came on stage " about program of work of order of market of insurance of farther normative property " announcement, on September 9, chongqing protects inspect bureau to produced danger market to allot in the light of Chongqing rectify an announcement accordingly. Recently, the reporter learns from orgnaization of intermediary of danger of car of our city much home, consolidate strength this very strong, danger of low discount car may cry at any time stop.

According to reporter understanding, because invest the element such as market depression, produce loss of risk company majority first half of the year this year serious, protect with the person for exemple, its appeared first half of the year this year 292 million yuan management deficit. Then, second half of the year keeps watch appoint produce the standard danger market, occupy among them produce danger because the car danger market of 70% above is long-term malign competition, make price war greatly, will be the key that rectifies this. Some produces risk company controller to express, this is behavioral strength is the greatest since protecting inspect to be able to hold water oneself probably.

The reporter visited orgnaization of intermediary of partial car danger subsequently, be in before this Chongqing market 8 fold, the 7 danger that lose a car still can be bought, but intermediary tells a reporter, each produce risk company to be being contacted again and again with them greatly recently, these discount car danger make probably stop at any time. But understand according to the reporter, price of danger of our city car wants than domestic other city all the time tall, in the city such as Chengdu, Shanghai the setting has appeared 5 fold, the 6 low discounts that fold are safe, this also causes partial car advocate the choice is cast outerly protect. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, rectify this after coming out, these low discounts are safe will by in succession close down.

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