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Bell wood China begins a sale to import new-style and super Weitela

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Bell wood (China) investment limited company (China of wood of bell of the following abbreviation) announce, begin a sale formally to embark since September 10 brand-new of engine true 4 drive SUV, super Weitela.

Since coming out 1988, super Weitela serves as compact model the pioneer of SUV, 20 years since have city style in order to serve as exterior and real 4 drive property, can experience drive the SUV of fun and get reputably.

This, super Weitela is a target with raising travel function and comfortability further, carried the 3.2L of new development and 2.4L engine, jing Su sex rose in all speed extent. Additional, more have the outward appearance that uses feeling and stable sense, more fastidious, facilitate use interior trim, and a lot of advanced functions, improved comfortable highway travel function and outstanding cross-country performance.

The main characteristic of super Weitela

Carried the engine of 2 kinds of new development

V6 3.2L engine

  •"3.2L JLX-EL " carried supreme power to be 165kw/6, 200rpm, the biggest torque is 284N•m/3, the 3.2L V6 engine of 500rpm, the your person that can experience engine high power and tall torque are brought is carefree the acceleration of dripping wet feels and excellent travel performance.

   •The suction that used high power and small oily waste time exhaust VVT system.

2.4L engine

  •The door and 3 5 2.4L models, carried highest output power to be 122kw/6, 000rpm, the biggest torque is 225Nm•m/4, the engine of the new development of 000rpm, the drill that achieved the acuteness on city road and freeway controls function.

   •According to the rotate speed of engine implementation sucks the maximize of exhaust, the circumgyrate a powerful person that employed bell wood to be used first is alterable and inspiratory system, realized powerful motive force and tall torque.

   •Used the trunnion shaft that raises sex of engine static respectful.

Of Jing Su sex improve

  •Be in the combinative department of around transmission shaft, used " can slide type fast shaft coupling " , make shake decrease considerably.

   •Strengthened the close together sex of engine and part of transmission tigidity join, decreased to shake with noise.

More the exterior design that uses feeling stability

  •Acceded super Weitela is capable and vigorous and strong move feeling exterior, used the bumper before what have wide feeling and stereo feeling more is brand-new to reach new-style before grille design.

   •"3.2L JLX-EL " 18 inches of tire that deployed new development and brand-new aluminium makes hub.

   •Used the door rearview mirror that takes LED side to turn to the lamp (" JX " , "JLX " except) with device of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of dish of rear wheel of ventilated disk type.
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