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60 years racing bike legend protects Shi Jie 365 Cabriolet to begin

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This year is to protect Shi Jie to hold water 60 years. The victory when be being protected to celebrate is glorious 60 carry, center of the nimble when Nanjing is protected revealed 365 Cabriolet of the nimble when protecting to 14 days on September 6 this classical racing bike. Since center of the nimble when Nanjing is protected held water on September 21, 2007 oneself, in nearly one year of time, the car of the nimble when protecting that is more than half of Jiangsu province and circumjacent area advocate the service that provides major.

365 Cabriolet of the nimble when be being protected this is classical the arrival of racing bike, reveal the nimble when protecting 60 years not only masterly craft and historical inheritance, the car of area of more broad Jiangsu is confused present its marrow to be in -- protecting Shi Jie is " the manufacturer of culminating racing bike that uses daily " .

On June 8, 1948, car history turned over new canto. Be in this day, car of prototype of the nimble when car identifying number is protected for the first of 356-001 obtained the government to permit, allow start off travel. "Look around when me all around, when the car of the dream that cannot find me from beginning to end however, I am determined to make with one's own hands " , the nimble when Feili Bao (Ferry Porsche) such say. Till today, this kind of concept and pioneering spirit remain the basic guiding principle of the company.

Nevertheless, in 60 years of in the past, protecting Shi Jie always is not plain sailing, when also having experience low tide. Locate by right of efficient production methods, clear brand and abound the model of innovation, for example 356 and 911, Boxster and Cayenne, this in former days one of car manufacturer that manufacturer of small-sized racing bike developed the world quickly to go up to succeed and have gain capacity most most.

"Today, than allowing when to be awaited before the nimble when protecting is powerful. We have company throughout history to be mixed the most extensively the model set that provides attraction most. We can control our cost and flow, ensure thereby the long-term independent character of the company. We are defended greatly than be oneself all the time, can as tenacious as the tycoon in automobile industry make a stand against. These year come, ego analogy of David is incentive we advance ceaselessly, also make we scored a success at the same time " , the nimble when protecting is presiding heart of apparitor the Kingdom of Wei enters a doctor (Dr.Wendelin Wiedeking) the explanation says.

Control company was received 1992 when Dr. Wei Dejin when, the nimble when protecting is in company throughout history in the most severe economy crisis, be faced with possibly even lose its most precious capital fund -- independent character, the nimble when be being protected namely faces the situation that is take-overed suddenly. This kind of grim situation needs to be handled immediately. The nimble when partner is protected is familial with Piyexi familial tell a board of directors they wish to aid a helping hand.
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