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The old car that discharge an amount rises in price or will defer to lunar base

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New car consumption tax already applied largely month, outside rising in price except model of brand of mainstream of a few blame, the model that at present great majority needs because of raising consumption tax cost to rise in price does not have activity. The reporter discovers in the investigation before the Mid-autumn Festival, homebred car manufacturer returns hesitate to whether rising in price, and entrance car manufacturer is right " go up how many appropriate " repeatedly balance.

The agency that awaits anxiously people sentence beforehand, the observation of the manufacturer period may arrive at the beginning of lunar base or next month, rise in price at the appointed time will Anacreontic.

East wind day produces not long ago of Yang Song of market department minister to express, to model of 3.5L of duke of sounds of nature, rise in price 10% mean manufacturer bicycle cost to increase 30 thousand yuan, this is brushstroke manufacturer cost of susceptive of very difficult proper motion. Nevertheless, he emphasizes repeatedly, whether to increase in terminal car price entirely, still need to see two trends, it is the competitor's act; 2 it is the rate that sees this one model be accepted by the market.

Up to now, the competitor elegant cabinet of duke of sounds of nature 3.5 did not undertake moving price. The model sales volume of these two brands also is in sounds of nature and elegant cabinet nearly two months are maintaining relative stability, everybody perhaps does not wish to break this kind of balance. In fact, 10% what ducal sales volume occupies whole vehicle of sounds of nature to fasten sales volume only. The personage inside course of study expresses, consumption tax is finite to the influence of sounds of nature and elegant cabinet, the vehicle that 3.5L platoon measures is in these two brands sales volume is very few, place bicycle 30 thousand yuan cost rises the manufacturer is OK proper motion digestive. Nevertheless, as a result of this year of car city " gold 9 " the phenomenon did not resemble in former years so apparent, so far the manufacturer still does not have activity, rose in price to also had wanted 11 big holidays probably to just can have a result.

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