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Seek in China car of a person of extraordinary powers of rapid growth much money

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Luxurious car consumes the market to expand increasingly in China, more and more world-class are luxurious car brand turns the look to China. Luxurious a few days ago car still is done not have an end on entrance channel by the influence of the attune on consumption tax, homebred the plan that change has risen to surface. The Chongzhongzhi that extends Chinese business to become brand of numerous and luxurious car to be sold in China is heavy.

Ao Di, BMW is in in succession the move that made a striking resemblance recently, begin to build the 2nd plant in home certainly, plan to continue to introduce new model homebred, in order to satisfy the requirement of prospective market, borrow this to contend each other.

Ao Di is gotten in the market run

Those who pass 15 years is cultivated, ao Di already became the leading sheep of market of current and homebred luxurious car, and produce with the joint-stock factory product line of one steam can saturated with each passing day already, competition of officer's car market is increasingly intense, ao Di is badly in need of enlarging the limits of homebred model, augment is produced also can become the urgent matter that is in China.

Media coverage said a few days ago, of Q5 homebred already final, the end of next year with respect to will formal put into production. And Ao Di still will assume the manufacturing job that includes A4 of new generation Ao Di reach its to derive a model in the new plant of Changchun.

To the 2nd factory of Ao Di, the personage inside course of study thinks, what Ao Di is in China is successful, answer to be attributed to officer's car market completely, borrowed this to build perfect sale to serve a network. Nowadays, the network of 70 after service that spreads all over the whole nation has made Ao Di's most powerful weapon. Can foreknow, of home of Ao Di general produce can augment goes to 200 thousand, satisfied basically produce to the home before 2012 can problem, in prospective 2-3 year, the luxurious car of other trademark still cannot constitute menace to its apparently.

BMW is borne surmount important task

It is the effect that suffers Ao Di probably, the demand that BMW builds to the 2nd factory in China is more pressing. Respect of car of China morning BMW expressed a few days ago, its the 2nd factory will nowadays the start working before annual bottom, of BMW of the Huachen after building produce per year can will achieve 100 thousand.

However, BMW side is right the appellation of the 2nd factory is dissatisfactory. "Should be to produce specifically can enlarge look, and rather than is the 2nd factory, also be in to homebred new model in exchanging views further. " a personage that is close to BMW says.

Of BMW low-key appear too conservative it seems that, personage of know the inside story discloses, although the 2nd factory of BMW did not make clear the sales volume target that raises future, but bore the heavy responsibility that surmounts Ao Di in China however. In fact, the BMW growth in Chinese sales volume, let homebred BMW and Hua Chen between in all line production had produced contradiction, china morning BMW is badly in need of augment producing can lead with raising the market to have.
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