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Kelaisile inserts type to mix motivation to enter exact amount to produce level

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Report from our correspondent recently, round assistant president holds the Sileji that overcome Lai concurrently president Jim Press discloses to media, the company invests 3 billion dollar to develop, name phoenix (Phoenix) new-style 6 crocks of engine will be in 2010 face city. Phoenix uses distinctive technology stopping a crock, can shut the fuel eject of partial cylinder, achieve the goal of economic fuel thereby.

Meanwhile, the company also is devoting oneself to Kelaisile to use mixture motivation technology at the company's best-selling Dodge on ram skin card, predict to will roll out corresponding product 2010. Jim Press believes, kelaisile will make the window of own product through trying hard to allow energy-saving environmental protection.

Current, the Sileji that overcome Lai is round the development respect that inserting type to mix dynamical cable motor-car already further. Premise of Jim Press day arrives, 3 kinds of driven application try to insert type to mix dynamical technology before him " the quantity is produced model archetypal car " had undertaken revealing to company agency commission. Next month, will face other agency to reveal with consult opinion.

New car 0~100km/h is less than 4 seconds quickly

The Sileji that overcome Lai is round new the mixture motive force that establish / electric car section (ENVI, the development that this branch is in charge of car of drive of pure electric power at the same time) the research and development that devotes oneself to afore-mentioned models all the time. Introduction Jim Press, these model 0~100 kilometers / the acceleration of the hour time is less than 4 seconds, successive travel course of development is 482 kilometers at least. This technology applies to cross-country model especially, for example model of Jeep each series. Also apply to existing other model and new-style car and lorry at the same time.

Although Jim Press did not point out the specific time that appear on the market clearly, the exact scope that inserts type technology turns production to Kelaisile not less than leaps for the group. Exhibit in the Detroit car at the beginning of this year on, the Sileji that overcome Lai's round 3 concepts car is fair at the world, overcoming what EcoVoyager deploys Laisile is system of pure dynamoelectric transmission, the adding that ZEO deploys Dodge system of Cheng dynamoelectric transmission, and jeep Renegade was deployed insert type dynamoelectric transmission system.

Afore-mentioned 3 concepts cars are in phase of example of research and development when vogue, relevant personnel also did not disclose schedule of its put into production. This year July, the group shows Kelaisile, its are engaged in charging but travel the development of the electric car of 64 kilometers, predict 3 to city of the face inside 5 years. Research and development inserts Kelaisile the message of technology of type mixture motivation shows this group is using new technology, enhance oneself it is important to was stridden on the journey that competition ability, implementation inserts type first times to mix dynamical technology to commercialize production one pace.
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