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Science and technology upgrades the 4th Dai Bentian Odyssey came on stage in Oct

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With Gu Xila famous and epic " Odyssey " since this notability cropland Odyssey rolled out generation model in October 1994 oneself, obtained perfectly outstanding achievement, it seized the sales volume champion of MPV of domestic car market with 45827 sales volume brave last year. Nowadays, this epic be about to turn over new canto, this cropland will be released formally this year in October brand-new the 4th acting Odyssey.

Before new generation model appears formally, this cropland government also increased propagandist strength, started website of special subject of the 4th acting Odyssey on September 19. Although the government announced a piece of the 4th generation only the car head of Odyssey is local with picture of car side modelling, but this has let a netizen can experience new generation adequately the design element of this cropland model, the Xin Saidi that includes not long ago to release among them and had measured the FCX Clarity of fuel cell car that produce.

2010 Odyssey will still use it is reported the layout inside 7 railroad car, and advocate the dynamical system that turn also remains 2.4L to list engine of 4 crocks of I-VTEC continuously, but after teaching through new mix, its motivation outputs promotion to come 206 horsepower (151 kilowatt) , the model that this sells at present than home increased 46 horse power.

Besides brand-new outside the exterior of the design and strengthened power, the high-tech configuration of the 4th acting Odyssey also will be broken through somewhat, government-owned net also offerred special video conduct propaganda. Brand-new the much perspective of development is photographed like the system (Multi-View Camera System) , the many CCD pearl eye that relies on installation to go up in end of car head, car and rearview mirror is photographed like the head, become through conformity of ECU electron system can inspect content, offer a driver not to have the line of sight of blind angle, and outside the car with bird's eye imitate instant picture, crossing, stricture is passed in car road surface and when jockeying, more convenience.

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