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Day of model of fractionize market high-quality goods produces 4 cars to the opp

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"In coming 5 years, east wind day is produced will guide the new car of 7 above, perfect product position further, the key makes 3 year of star product that sales volume controls 100 thousand times " . East wind day is produced get offline in 1 million models that just end ceremonially expresses. 4 when let us see organic meeting introduce from the point of the angle of the market today abroad day produce a model.

● March (Micra)

The March that rolled out 1982 (the market calls Micra beyond the Asia) it is day produces a model familial medium sprat, the March of car of fixed position miniature undertakes selling in many countries of Japan, Europe at present. The K12C of March code name of newest generation, rolled out 2007, share 3 edition of two open sail, models lifting a back with 5. Dynamical respect, according to each markets different, have from a variety of engine of 1.2L ~ 1.6L deploy, and the alternative that offers benzine and diesel oil.

Produce as day familial in the smallest model, march fixed position is in urban vehicle. Be in at present home, the product line that east wind day produces still comes without next explore this one interval, of March introducing a possibility still is very big. But we also should see, at present miniature car market of home has not matured to be able to receive the miniature car of high-quality goods, no matter be,buy from cost, profit and consumer, the respect such as policy impact cannot support a such car completely to produce a sale in home, and east wind day produces the principle that introduces new car is -- the high-quality goods model of fractionize market, from this we predict March enters home to still need longer period of time.


Like homebred Xiao guest, murano same fixed position crosses bound model in Crossover. Different is, murano is bigger than Xiao guest, look with the level of the car, murano attributes the level of medium-sized car at least, we can see on this wheelbase from Murano 2825mm. The Murano that was born 2002 still is day of yield new model, fashionable modelling tells us this is more the SUV model that deflection city locates.

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