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Bell wood will be exhibited in Parisian car release car of batteries of new fund

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Bell wood continues in fuel cell technology domain of this one foremost edge undertakes study, car plant extends near at hand held Parisian vehicle on the SX4-FCV of newest money model that releases oneself.

Bell wood will be exhibited in Parisian car release car of batteries of new fund SX4

Look bell wood also prepares to catch trend, use latest technology to develop 0 discharge a model. The electric motor-car that bell wood releases before this is support from exterior get energy, and this car is the chemical response that uses hydrogen and oxygen generation car of drive of generation electric energy.

Hydrogen can be stored to be in to be developed technically store inside coal tub, one still is deployed inside the car additionally compact model capacitor can reclaim the energy of the generation when apply the brake. Power of the biggest output is the fuel cell that SX4-FCV deploys 80 kilowatt (combine 108 horse power about) , and the power of electromotor is 68 kilowatt (combine 92 horse power about) , space of the longest travel is this car 250 kilometers, highest speed per hour 150 kilometers. Bell wood will be exhibited in Parisian car on the more detail that releases new car.

Also want this in order to produce the bell timber of small-sized car be good at to be exhibited in the car all along get on the fuel cell car that rolls out oneself, this cropland of this lead to be on in this one domain at present position is a challenge, and bell wood combines his small-sized car and look of fuel cell technology, roll out cost lower, easier by model of consumer place susceptive, thereby market of car of cell of occupational and small-sized fuel.

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