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Feng Tian considers to make A-BAT truck, cancel small derv engine

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According to although its are big,reporting Ford of dimension lorry competitor, general He Daoji will roll out engine of brand-new the small derv that discharge an amount one or so year in future, but the plan that Feng Tian had cancelled to be its Tundra similarly to roll out small platoon to measure derv engine. Go up according to saying Feng Tian has been them to be exhibited in Detroit car exhibiting radical A-BAT concept lorry contacted a few main suppliers, they throw money without the plan in market of truck of standstill large size. The dynamical system of this lorry will have 4 crocks of traditional engine, still have mixture power system additionally, the likelihood comes from Camry to mix motivation. If it can be measured,produce, so the market of car of small-sized Pi Ka that A-BAT aux will be able to joins the loneliness that is in to Ford Ranger, a-BAT replaces the batholith of use unifinication structure of crossbeam type batholith, at present the most lorry on the market is structure of crossbeam type batholith. But, say really, it has not measured yield plan so far.

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