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The Fiat 500 that Diesel designs is on Europe

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Began yesterday, the Feiyate that European consumer can book Diesel edition 500 confuse your car. Yes, we know this car to have derv edition already, but what indicate here is not derv engine. This is the 500 cars of joint development of Diesel of brand of famous dress of a Feiyate and Italy. Its modelling design is like is to want to let 500 turn into city of a " lives car " . Very apparent, "The city lives the Logo that what " place needs is a few DIESEL, the complete new clothes on bumper and automobile body is acted the role of, round of unique circle, trichromatic besmear is installed and pass the interior trim that dresses up meticulously. Additionally the car of 100hp also can change caliper of apply the brake. The price of this car is 15, 000 euro (1.2L edition) with 17, 000 euro (1.3L edition) .

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