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China of Cayenne Turbo S of 09 nimble when protecting appears on the market

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Once exhibited Cayenne Turbo S of the nimble when getting on 09 when global head sends to protect to be in in car of Beijing of the beginning of the year China appear on the market, announced official price. Cayenne Turbo S of the nimble when protecting is fiducial model price is a RMB 2.35 million yuan, each big 4S inn can accept the victory when the home since this day is protected the client is booked, deposit rises for 200 thousand yuan of RMBs. Cayenne Turbo S is Cayenne familial in the model with most powerful motive force, the drive of engine of 4.8 litres of V8 that it contains double turbine pressure boost to take energy of life compulsively by, power can amount to 550 Hp(404 KW) . Although protect Shi Jie to make successfully,the function of new fund Cayenne Turbo S exceeds Cayenne Turbo model (500 Hp/368 KW) , but the fuel efficiency of Cayenne Turbo S is almost as identical as Cayenne Turbo model however (driving cycle of basis new Europe - the means computation) that NEFZ sets.   

From the point of the exterior, the wheel of alloy of 21 inches of SportPlus that can fall through be located in lacquer wheel arch to overspread and the motile exhaust that by 4 casting aluminium tail pipe forms fasten unified eye to identify a Cayenne Turbo S. The grille that take energy of life and spray of wheel arch cover and automobile body concolorous car lacquer. Cayenne Turbo S still can choose outfit elegance solely and low-key brand-new " of lacquer of " eruption metal. Model of all Cayenne Turbo S all deploys batholith of pneumatic suspension system, have automobile body high adjustment and function of control of height of drive a vehicle, in addition still again the nimble when the standard equiped to protect is active pensile managing system (PASM) , combined batholith of trends of the nimble when protecting to control at the same time (PDCC) and system of Servotronic(servo electron) fast quick alterable power gets lost a system.

Communication of the nimble when newest generation is protected runs a system (PCM) used the navigation model group that heads hard disk drive, provide a series of new functions that handle easily, can enable through touching screen. Like model of all other Cayenne, the speech that optional also apparel has complete word identifies function of navigation system destination starts Cayenne Turbo S interface of system, general frequency (take MP3 interface) , blue tooth mobile telephone join and the TV module that can receive number and imitate ground signal. BOSE® surrounds acoustical sound system is offerred as standard configuration, contain 14 to increase model the loudhailer of power of 410 W output, can surround with 5.1 disperse type stereo format broadcasts frequency and video DVD.

to common Turbo model, the promotion of Cayenne Turbo S in performance side is main of system of profit from exhaust improve the aggrandizement that commands a respect with engine. Get promotion besides function beyond, upright in engine rotate speed at 2, 250 Rpm comes 4, inside 500 Rpm limits when, the biggest torque also promoted 50 Nm, achieved 750 Nm. Cayenne Turbo S of the nimble when protecting is finished from 0 to 100 Km/h need 4.8 seconds only quickly, top speed is 280 Km/h.
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