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Nimble leopard applies for brand for C-XE and C-XJ

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The hearsay of concerned Yu Jiebao still has a lot of: This brand may let high-grade (Daimler brand) reappear, roll out derv edition XK, and resemble F-Type model from what did not suspend a talk such message. Hearsay has bit of prospect of a solution eventually now: Nimble leopard had applied for brand for its C-XE and C-XJ series. Everybody expects XJ concept car, of this car (espionage is illuminated) everybody has looked, have everywhere. Be based on this car to will be rolled out formally 2011, c-XJ will be in possibly perhaps appear at the beginning of 2010 next year. Stay exclusively having interrogative is the Ian Callum design to this car has how old effect.

C-XE still is a mystery so far. We know the new host of nimble leopard wants an exercise racing bike, but how will a such cars locate? For not the follow of pace XK, e-Type will more apt exercise racing bike, will become the victory when protecting undisguisedly 911 or the competitor of Boxster? Already hearsay weighs it to will share a part with XF and XJ, motivation may come from a 3.0L V6 Duratec to go with you which. From there still was period of time 2012, detail message still may do not have a decision. But without giving thought to how, very glad to can see nimble leopard has new act.

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