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2009Pontiac G3 comes to North America market

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General motors released what be about to put the United States on the market now by Diyake G3, nevertheless this is not a new car apparently, it is the Xue Folan that we are familiar with actually Le Cheng (Aveo) , except there still is Aveo5 of Barina of big house Gentra/Kalos, Huo Du, Xue Folan to wait for model of a lot of brother beyond this, even if the version that hangs the Diyake other the move to indicate also has appeared on the market in Canada, the name that just is over there calls Wave5. In the section of G department car below banner of North America PONTIAC, current and mutual G5, G6 and G8 3 models, announced again on net of official of former a few days ago plant nevertheless brand-new 2009 section of style G3 car, and this G3, namely the DAEWOO Kalos that above paragraphs place carries, nevertheless you also can call him Xue Folan Aveo5, or it is snow Buddha Lan Lecheng!

PONTIAC G3 is only 5 modelling that lift a back, carrying engine of 1.6 litres of 4 crocks of benzine, can output 106hp the greatest horse power, tie-in 5 fast hands discharge gearshift system, can reach the level of average oil bad news of 30mpg; Provide system of sound of CD/MP3 of face criterion stock, hind empennage, OnStar car uses information platform, 4 defend gasbag. It is car of afterwards Vibe, G6 and G5 litter racing bike later, data of economy of another EPA fuel exceeds 30mpg (100 kilometers oily bad news under 7.84 litres) by Diyake car.

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