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China of Crossover EX35 of Ni Di of Infiniti Ying Fei appears on the market

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Ni Di of Ying Fei of Infiniti of brand of famous and luxurious car announces the world now, brand-new and luxurious litter runs model Crossover EX35 lands Chinese market formally. This is afterwards luxurious car M35 recommends SUV FX of G35 of luxurious motile car, sumptuous set and high end after home, the product of " of another " heavyweight that Infiniti brings. Infiniti EX35 moves distinctly with its demeanour of idiosyncratic He Juanya, broke through the traditional dividing line of litter racing bike and SUV, from brand-new the brand connotation of the force " that angle illuminate gives Infiniti" grace. The edition of Infiniti EX35 mutual fashion that appears on the market this and edition of elegance and talent two, price mixes 647 thousand yuan 627 thousand yuan for the RMB respectively.

EX35 of flower humble Ni Di is basic parameter

Start 3.5L of engine of type name VQ35HR
Gear-box hand from an organic whole 5 fast transmission
Most high-power 222kw/6800rpm
341Nm/4800rpm of the biggest torque
Automobile body dimension grows = 4638/1803/1598(of wheelbase of tall X of X wide X to take roof rack)
Four-wheel drive of full-time of drive form intelligence

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