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Audi traffic light explores a system to begin experimental sex to enlist in army

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Traffic light explores demonstrative system ' to call 'Travolution system ' again is AUDI car the newest research and development that is aimed at road transportation to manage field place to roll out at present is tasted newly. This system not only the equal amount that can help computation give indicator light of the traffic inside urban road to install, still can pass join the traffic light signal of municipal transportation department sends an instrument, of preparation remind the person that drive the next time green light arrival time, and drive car decreases with right speed of a motor vehicle passes each crossing smoothly brake and stop the problem such as brings traffic jam and platoon of end of oily bad news. The indicator light that all information can pass appearance dial to go up is shown clearly in the person that drive at the moment.

Ingolstadt city of Germany is already at present successful introduced this to cover a system, they installed relevant control model group and signal emitter on light of 46 intelligence inside the urban district traffic respectively, the perfects this equipment further research and development with will cooperate AUDI car better with this works.

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