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Area of Toyota North America makes mixture motivation battery

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Although be the same as photograph of common abundant cropland model to compare the Prius of mixture motivation edition,having close $5, the 000 price advantages that do not have, and relevant technical cost as generation of another acting model roll out reduce ceaselessly, but be apart from this car overall profit still is vogue early, the implementation on the Prius body that nevertheless abundant cropland respect has planned to leaving generation is the same as the accrual of grade with Kaluola. The production of batteries group United States that is aimed at system of Hybrid Synergy Drive this is the main component in profit plan.

At present company side will have not been in certainly realize Americanization production why when, but the abundant cropland close cc 2010 will assume the production that has Prius to work than the factory already was final thing. In addition the government sector that Feng Tian also is increasing strength to buy matters concerned to be the same as place with respect to the group and company business increase negotiation strength. With respect to existing technology, the batteries group of Prius can issue travel in condition of drive of pure electric power 20 kilometers left and right sides, and as aggrandizement of Feng Tian's farther research and development, predicting Prius can bring the challenge that comparative for Chevy Volt.

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