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Crossover EX35 of flower humble Ni Di appears on the market price 627 thousand

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The combinative price of litter racing bike and SUV mixes 647 thousand yuan 627 thousand yuan

Last week, day produces Ni Di of Ying Fei of luxurious car brand (Infiniti) brand-new and luxurious litter runs model Crossover EX35 lands Chinese market formally. This is afterwards luxurious car M35 recommends SUV FX of G35 of luxurious motile car, sumptuous set and high end after home, yingfeinidi (Infiniti) another when bring " heavyweight " product.

The Yingfeinidi that appears on the market this (Infiniti) EX35 shares fashion edition and edition of elegance and talent two, price mixes 647 thousand yuan 627 thousand yuan for the RMB respectively.

This year in April, yingfeinidi (Infiniti) EX35 is exhibited in Beijing car above all on appear, what its initiate a gender is brand-new litter runs model Crossover model becomes a concept to cause attention instantly, introduce China this first, the importance of market of China of it serves to show. Appear on the market on the meeting, day is produced (China) Ben Taizhao of bridge of president of investment limited company expresses, all the time since Yingfeinidi (Infiniti) the 2nd old luxurious car after the brand regards China as afterwards North America consumes the market, its market development is crucial in global strategy.

According to introducing, yingfeinidi (Infiniti) the VQ series engine that EX35 provides, can arrange slippery ground to achieve its 7500 turn / the highest revolution of cent, its euphonic motor reputation also leaves deep impression to the person. Additional, EX35 is to put in Chinese market to hold stock exclusively monitoring of 360 degrees of panoramic type is video system (Around View Monitor) model, this is current most what technical content also has economic value most jockey support system. With Yingfeinidi (Infiniti) other model is same, EX35 also enjoys 4 years / the new car of 100 thousand kilometer guarantees policy. Current, yingfeinidi (Infiniti) the concessionary distribute store that has nearly 14 or so is in China, its sale and maintenance network will pervade China north, Hua Dong, Hua Na and southwest vast area.

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