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Not duty of fear is big quantity protects Shijie luxurious SUV lowest makes work

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What Cayenne Turbo regards series of banquet of card of the nimble when protecting as top class model is brilliant had become the past. Late on September 21, cayenne Turbo S appears on the market in Shanghai, the price of luxurious SUV minimum with this the most driving throughout history 2.35 million yuan of RMBs.

Although consumption tax of model of 4 litres of above comes from the 20% promotion before 40% , but a bit of the nimble when protecting did not show concern.

Peng Mingshan of selling manager of China of the nimble when protecting says, this year first half of the year, the nimble when protecting had exceeded in the round in Chinese sales volume last year 4179 level.

The nimble when protecting is climbed successively in Chinese sales volume litre, it is the contribution that comes from Yu Kayan series for the most part among them. 2005, the nimble when protecting sells 857 in China. 2006, this number became 2305. Of the same age, card banquet adds up to work off 1930, the nimble when occupying full year to protect is in China the 80% above of total sales volume. 2007, the nimble when protecting raises 4179 further in Chinese sales volume, blocking a banquet still is the main force that keeps Shi Jie to sell.

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