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Push super motor of V4 of benefit of speed machine farad to come on stage again

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Model of farad benefit series is familiar with by consumer gradually after introducing China to sell, its admirable drill accuses gender and be obvious to all of powerful motive force. If speak of the autocycle of farad benefit, bright however somebody is witting, and what here wants to be everybody introduction is a hair that used V4 engine tensile autocycle.

Although be before this, the motorcycle that farad benefit respect ever had designed a contest to use by oneself and have the country bike that collects value, but of 4 crocks of V of this autocycle support engine exert oneself formidably and of ideal modelling design and high-tech element guide, not only motivation also is provided extremely strong collect value. The V4 engine structure that embarks among them comes from that V12 engine in the ENZO with farad classical benefit, do not be defeated by racing bike 4 rounds through redesigning the actual strength after making.

The bodywork of this super motor frame is made personally by farad interest volume as much, cooperated engine to assure first-rate whole sex, be the same as season rear wheel along with move gender and stability to be promoted considerably. Powerful motive force needs to go up necessarily the force of apply the brake of beautiful assures, the rear wheel before this super motor all used apply the brake of float type flange dish deserve to get on two pairs to caliper of 4 pistons apply the brake, effect of apply the brake is not defeated by racing bike of any benefit of a farad.

To make sure high-speed is stable, the pensile system of front-wheel drive also is comparatived to regret by sacrifice. And the side that reflects content of its science and technology is lifted count deeply, pliable automobile body satisfies the need of the aerodynamics completely, for this engine system of special design exhaust also used the exhaust means of 4 2 styles, the air current that cooperates automobile body interior is oriented and complete need not worry about engine and bodywork overheat.

And another large window is its slam the door traditional appearance dial, show with a liquid crystal screen is all only information of drive a vehicle. Content of science and technology of screen of this liquid crystal is extremely high, can show clear data below intense sunlight not only, return what do not fear water to invade the arenaceous stone when reaching high speed travel to bump. It is now regrettablly nevertheless this car had be notted measure produce, the price also was not announced, the car that is interested in it is confused and consumer has patience only static await a news.
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