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Alcohol fuel Saleen S5S Raptor appears on new York car to exhibit

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To keep synchronous with the model of edition of SMS set limit to of new edition, saleen of production manufacturer of athletic racing bike is exhibited in new York car on revealed a new super concept racing bike, the engine of alcohol fuel engine that the V8 that this racing bike provides 650HP horse power takes great pride. Although be defined to be at present the successor of naval vessel of S7 banners and flags, this new car still is in design phase, if this car can be exhibited in all ginseng be paid close attention to enoughly in the car, will throw production instantly so.

This concept car name S5S Raptor, he will provide the engine of 5.0L V8 engine with the very power of mixture fuel, this engine uses gasoline fuel or contain the mixture fuel of 85% alcohol. This engine shows the torque of the horse power with vast 650HP and 630 Lb-ft. Run amain to the stone's throw of 60mph need 3.2 seconds only, highest speed per hour may achieve 200mph.

The aluminium that other parts include lightweight is made chassis, complex automobile body and 6 fast hands use transmission, use system of rear wheel drive.

Book by around annulus use the dish of large size apply the brake that mixes 13 inches 15 inches respectively use, the brake system of this car gets very good assurance. Because around annulus uses periphery besmear to have respectively,20 inches forging aluminous Pirelli Rosso tire, the dimension of around tire is 275/35 ZR20 and 315/35/ZR20 respectively. Dimension of front-wheel drive embryo is 275/35ZR20, the hub of casting aluminium alloy that rear wheel embryo cooperates 20 inches for the Pirelli Rosso tire of 315/35ZR20 offers enough and driving catching soil fertility.

The graph shows car of new fund concept is mixed on current in the S7 of buy engine is euqally thrusting, however its price however far under price the S7 admiral model of 600000 dollars. If the company is a quantity to produce plan give the green light, the new idea car that Saleen weighs to this opens to booking valence to be 185000 dollars will be released formally after two years.

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