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Lengthen car of Keruisi is perfect appear on 08 Beijing car to exhibit

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"Luxurious " , " safe " cannot little
Lengthen car of Keruisi is perfect appear on 08 Beijing car to exhibit

Came 28 days on April 20, the car exhibits 2008 Beijing international to exhibit central new house to be held ceremoniously in China International. The United States of lengthen automobile factory with the greatest whole world of Keruisi (KRYSTAL) big China area always acts as agent of Keruisi (Dalian) the car sells limited company, carry the Lincoln below the banner, bold horse, all sorts of lengthen car departments such as Kaileide appear on a car to exhibit with luxurious battle array meeting. The lengthen that passes national CCC attestation and impact test exclusively in home, international as first is luxurious car brand, its of two years of 60 thousand kilometer guarantee time, hold the raise one's head and look inside course of study from beginning to end, of Bencikeruisi what see inaccessibly is luxurious " mobile make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital " collective comes on stage, become current car to exhibit can see a drop greatly.

Luxurious lengthen car says to go up is a car familial in more additional kind one, this kind of car cries in abroad " Limousine " , its concept comes from the United States at 19 centuries later period, meaning for luxurious carriage. Be in the United States, the car changes his costume or dress the factory must want to pass attestation of orgnaization of attestation of American lengthen car (the CMC of the QVM that is like Ford accredit, current authorization) , obtain the authorization of car manufacturer, and change one's costume or dress what wants capable person also must be the same as former plant to use character is same. Change one's costume or dress the model car that the factory changes his costume or dress needs to send accredit firm department to pass strict quality inspection, accord with standard ability to change his costume or dress permissibly through collision experiment, and the United States of Keruisi (KRYSTAL) be the lengthen automobile factory with the greatest whole world. 2007 of Keruisi (KRYSTAL) strong land China, settle Dalian, always act as agent by big China area of Keruisi (Dalian) car sale limited company is in charge of sale and service.

If say comfortable sex is the distinct advantage of luxurious lengthen car, it is collect so comfortable sex and security become the perfect character that lengthen car manufacturer goes after at a suit. General in say, manufacturer is in automobile body lengthen while, even mature to truckload security, if use special bearing chassis, strengthen prevent bump into a system to assure truckload security. Of Keruisi (Dalian) car sale limited company was passed on June 14, 2007 " center of Chinese certificate of quality " mandatory the requirement of product certification, win CCC state mandatory product certification certificate, and also be the lengthen that at present home and even international pass national CCC attestation and collision test exclusively the sale company of luxurious car. The Chinese meaning of KRYSTAL of no less than is crystal, symbolic move is perfect, top class and comfortable also be Keruisi with safe safeguard (KRYSTAL) opened Chinese market to lay a foundation.
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