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08 Chengdu car exhibits: Li Fan 620 appear on the market formally

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On September 19, li Fan 620 energetically is exhibited formally to appear on the market more in Chengdu international car, price 69800 yuan---79800 yuan. Current, li Fan 620 already in car of countrywide force sail concessionary sale inn begins comprehensive sale, accept consumer to try try drive. 620 quantities are Li Fan that appear on the market 1.6L, share 3 models according to different configuration, among them DX economy carry out 69800 yuan, LX is comfortable model carry out 73800 yuan, EX is luxurious model carry out 79800 yuan. Dynamical respect, li Fan 620 deployed ever was known as " whole world 10 beautiful engine "---Former outfit imports Tritec engine, this engine is BMW and Kelaisile collective and contributive produce in Brazil. Ever laded wait for many famous model at rambler of BMW MINI, PT. Power is driving 85/6000 (Kw/rpm) , 149/4500(N.m/rpm) of the biggest torque, top speed 180km/h.

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