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The look up before Parisian car exhibits: True car appears on 2010 Xue Folan Cru

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Ed Welburn of general design vice-chairman and Ed Peper of Xue Folan general manager let us be watched ahead of schedule brand-new 2010 Xue Folan Cruze are compact model car. If those who be the same as a few special cruel is brand-new,the model is in the United States appear on the market time often can be in finally, cruze will serve as 2010 models to take the lead in appearing on the market in Europe in March in next year, have 1.6L and 1.8L benzine edition brand-new perhaps edition of 150hp 2.0L derv can offer an alternative. No less than we had guessed from inside the Cruze photograph before, 2010 models are even larger than current Cobalt.

According to Introduction Peper, it mixes interpose at Cobalt between Malibu, although its fuel economy compares these two models,be close friends. General choose to be in Europe it a hair because be in,be 2008 first half of the year, xue Folan is in Europe the sales volume of the market grew 23% . Should ask why not when preexistence United States appears on the market, peper complains at present the sell like hot cakes of Cobalt model is mixed other the Camaro of model such as that is about to release. Peper still points out Cruze will have the 5.875L/100km that makes a person impressive (high speed) oily bad news. When will appearing on the market as 2011 models in April 2010 when Cruze, still will have brand-new pressure boost of turbine of 1.4L straight gush the model of 4 crocks of engine. This car is only external here photograph, the spot that we will exhibit in Parisian car is interior trim photograph everybody is brought, expect please.

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