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The look up before los angeles car exhibits: Brand-new SAAB 9-4X crosses bound

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Brand-new Sa rich 9-4X exhibits the los angeles vehicle that held in November appear, will begin to appear on the market at next year the beginning of the year sale. This new model is car of a medium-sized SUV, length of its automobile body is 4.77 meters, wide it is 1.8 meters, it is 1.68 meters high. Its model style and exhibit notional car at the Detroit car this year January very alike. Brand-new the price of 2010 Saab 9-4X will keep balance at BMW X3, and its quantity produces the " size " of edition will compare X5 a few smaller, new car will choose the equipment of a variety of fuel version, have the E85 alcohol fuel that reveals in its concept car among them, provide engine of turbine of 4 crocks of when upgrade 2 litres of BioPower, can offer highest the outputs power and 400N · M torque of 300 horsepower.

The light before the safe configuration that place of 9-4X of rich of new fund Sa uses still includes xenon to enrage, electron stabilizes side of traction control, driver, passenger to enrage shade, in addition the alloy hub that still configured 17 inches. For managing production cost, 9-4X of rich of new fund Sa will share same production platform with SRX of the generation below Kaidilake, v/arc be on the throne of two model general throws production at the factory of Mexican Ramos.

Note: SAAB tells the plan on us is not the 9-4X that the quantity produces, is PS processing only, final result we will bring more careful report to everybody.

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