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The look up before Parisian car exhibits: Car of concept of Saab 9X Air

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General the car of concept of Saab 9X Air that they allow before issueing prerequisite formally and everybody were exhibited to make a call in Parisian car, the picture that we got the government finally today and a few about this brand-new the detail of Coupe of Swedish open sail. Be based on what Geneva car exhibited last year (car of 9X BioHybird concept) , 9X Air did not have hard top and changed cloth and from hind the glass that the office that lift a back appears suddenly. The interior trim of notional car edition provided the panel of the seat of 4 black and white alternate with and digitlization. Motivation passes 6 grade by output of engine of alterable fuel of a 1.4L E85 dual clutch transmission transfers front-wheel drive. The lithium ion battery that at the same time the car carries can provide power to electromotor.

This car from 0 want 8 seconds only to 100km/h quickly, academic oil bad news is 5.875L/100km. Sound pretty good so far. We hope this Air, can measure with its 9X ancestor produce the model that is 9-1. The thing that has how many high-tech after all is met continue to use produces a model to go up to the quantity, we expect raise one's head and look, the exterior modelling that we believe firmly them at least will be affirmative can continue to use produces a car to go up to the quantity.

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